Metal Clay

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Assamblage Contemporary Jewelry School launched in 2016 the first "METAL CLAY" course, held by Caroline Bray, the founder of Precious Metal Clay Studio France (PMC Studio).

METAL CLAY jewelry manufacturing experience is totally different from any traditional jewelry techniques. It is an amazing process of handling metals with a consistency similar to modeling clay, which can be learned both by the totally uninitiated in jewelry production, and by those with experience in classical techniques. Using very simple tools and their fingers, the METAL CLAY is rolled, pressed, pressed, laminated and placed in the desired shape. Throughout the modeling process can be added, deleted and modified distinct parts, which makes the process of achieving the desired object to be spontaneous and comfortable.

In the modeling process will be used kiln-safe precious gemstones, sapphire, ruby, aquamarine, etc. which will be fitted from the beginning in the desired shapes and then will be fired in the kiln where  the binder burns off and the metal particles fuse together to create a solid item.

The METAL CLAY course consists of 3 modules designed for both beginners, with no prior experience in jewelry, and those wishing to diversify their work, as the technique is accessible and unpretentious in terms of required skills.

In this module you will learn the basic techniques of processing both Silver and Bronze Clay. After 3 days of course you will be able to make silver and bronze jewelry, rings, pendants and fixings, or simple stone setting.

Duration Program Cost* Lecturer
3 days Monday - Wednesday 375 Euro +75 Euro for the Tool Kit Caroline Bray
21 hours 10:00 - 17:00

The Metal Clay tool kit includes:

  • Artclay Silver (10 g)
  • Bronze Clay (soft + hard)
  • Kiln-safe precious gemstones (3 pcs.)
  • Cork clay
  • Non-adhesive working mat, with sizes
  • Plexi roll for rolling the clay
  • Plastic spacers (2 pcs.)
  • Teflon work sheet
  • Sanding sponges (set of 3 grits)
  • Rubber block.

*VAT not included.


The second module adds new techniques to the basic ones learned in Level 1. After the 3 days of course you will be able to:

  • make stone settings for precious gemstones;
  • create a Silver Clay pendant, using high-temperature enamel powders ("Cloisonne" enamel technique);
  • transform a leaf into pure silver without using a mold.


Duration Program Cost* Lecturer
3 days Thursday - saturday 415 Euro Caroline Bray
21 hours 10:00 - 17:00

Students will bring their own tool kit (purchased at Level 1) or they will be able to purchase the required tool kit worth 40 Euro (VAT included): Kit scule Basic 1

The cost of the course includes the natural stones to be used for the projects, as well as an individual Silver Clay consumption of maximum 20 g. Students can buy additional material (minimum packing: 10 g).

Prerequisite: To be a graduate of Metal Clay Level 1 or to have prior experience in Metal Clay techniques.
*VAT not included.



Precious Metal Clay was developed by scientists working at the Mitsubishi Materials Special Products division in Japan. After years of experimentation the first patents were awarded in the early 1990s with many additional materials joining the family of products. The principle ingredient of PMC is gold or silver, reduced to tiny flakes smaller than 20 microns in size. As a point of reference, it would take as many as 25 of these particles clumped together to equal a grain of salt.
The other ingredients in PMC are water and an organic (naturally occuring) binder. After firing, the water and binder have completely burned away so what remains is solid metal.