Wax modeling and centrifugal casting course Level 1

Next course: 17-19 February 2020

The first module of  the Wax modeling and centrifugal casting course teaches the main techniques for modeling wax then transforming it in metal (silver) through casting.

Wax molding technique allows a different type of expression than the classic welding technique. Understanding the process of molding and casting is also a way to improve your art skills. The aesthetic potential of this method is that spontaneous ideas can be shaped more easily. Modeled wax offers the unique advantage of having a palpable "sketch" that can be modified and improved before becoming the final product, the wax being at the same time, a blueprint and a prototype.

Duration Program Cost* Lecturers
3 days Monday - Wednesday 290 Euro David Sandu
21 hours 10:00 - 17:00 Andreia Popescu, Razvan Popa


Prerequisite: No prior experience is required.
* VAT not included.
** This cost includes a kit of materials and wax modeling tools that belongs to the student after completing the course.
This cost do not includes the metal used for casting (silver 925); the objects can be kept only by paying the silver at the end of the workshop. Also, if more than 3 objects are made, a 0,80 euro / gram + VAT  fee will be paid for additional casting work.