Introductory course BASIC 2

Next course: 3-13 February 2020

Basic 2 is a course for creative people who want to discover means of artistic expression through jewelry. Students who can apply for this course are graduates of Basic 1, who were able to work and progress on their own after the course, acquiring new knowledge in the field of contemporary jewelry, or those who already have experience in working with metals and gems and a certain amount of working hours.

Continuing the notions learned at Basic 1, students will have the opportunity to deepen the already-known techniques and have contact with new situations and technological contexts. The course puts more emphasis on the technical side, but also allowing a greater freedom for creative side. The works carried out during the course are of high complexity and newly learned working techniques will allow a wider range of artistic expression.

Duration Program Cost* Lecturers
8 days Monday - Thursday 430 Euro David Sandu
56 hours 10:00 - 17:00 Andreia Popescu


Prerequisite: To be a graduate of Basic 1 or to have prior experience in working with metals and gems.
* VAT not included.