Alternative: resin workshop

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Resin is a versatile material; it can be used as it is or embedded with different materials in order to create jewels that can truly tell a story. Resin can be colored, bent, polished, drilled and finished in different ways. It allows you to incorporate other objects inside it, in order to create unique objects with special meaning, personality and aesthetics.

What you will learn:
- how to prepare the resin and methods of avoiding/removing any air bubbles trapped inside
- how to add color pigments and techniques for modeling and casting resin using silicon molds and other materials
- how to embed metal or other materials in resin
- how to add items into resin using existing casts/molds for making resin based objects
- how to bent, texture and finish resin.

A new technique will be tackled on the workshop: the polyurethane resin, a material that hardens quickly (in about 10 minutes) and can be colored and cast into molds. The polyurethane resin can be used successfully in jewelry manufacture, as it is, or with other materials (metal, textile, other resins, sparkles, margelots, microspheres or schlachtmetal or other metallic foils). Also, it can be successfully combined with epoxy resin to form complex structures.

Duration Program Cost* Lecturer
3 days Friday - Sunday 260 Euro Alina Carp
21 hours 10:00 - 17:00


Prerequisite: No prior experience is required.
* VAT not included.