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Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelry was founded in October 2010 at the initiative of the Romanian designer David Sandu. In the absence of institutions to specifically target the jewelry learning at a professional level, Assamblage laid the foundation of a new generation of contemporary jewelry designers and authors, rising to international standards.

The shift from mere curiosity for jewelry to practicing it at a professional level requires continuous learning and practice. Assamblage offers intensive courses to meet the diverse needs and interests  of the students - from introductory courses for those who have no previous experience in working with metal and gems, to themed workshops targeting specific working techniques.

Over the past seven years, Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelry held approximately 150 training sessions, thus becoming a foundation and a strong reference point in the development of design jewelry in Romania. With over 500 alumni, Assamblage helped creating a cohesive community of artists who have achieved and accumulated technical and conceptual notions for their assertion as individual designers.

David Sandu

Senior Lecturer

David Sandu founded Assamblage, the School of Contemporary Jewelry in 2010. He began working at the age of 13 and had generous teachers which taught him the professional secrets of jewelry. That's the reason why founding a school of jewelry comes as an exciting but normal step in his career and personal life. Graduate of the Academy of Art in Bucharest, David Sandu is a renowned designer of contemporary jewelry and has had numerous exhibitions both in Romania and abroad. He is the first Romanian artist to participate in the prestigious jewelry fair Inhorgenta from Munich, Germany, and was awarded the title of Official Supplier of the Royal House of Romania. By founding Assamblage, the designer added a pedagogical aspect to his evolution, teaching those who want to learn the art of jewelry.


Andreia Popescu


​Lecturer at Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelry since 2011. Andreia Popescu graduated the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, but her passion for the creative urged her to give up her field of education. In 1999, she founded a design firm and started producing her own clothing line. After completing several courses at Assamblage, she became a lecturer and developed onward as an independent jewelry designer.


Alis Lalu

Alis Lalu


Alis Lalu graduated the Bucharest University of Economic Studies and worked for six years in this line of business. Curiosity for jewelry turned into a passion, so in 2011 she graduated the Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelry and established her own studio. Besides the development as a jewelry designer,  Alis lectured evening and week-end courses at Assamblage.

Alina Carp

Alina Carp


Although she has been making jewelry since childhood, Alina Carp began to exhibit her creations publicly since 2005. She participated in individual and group exhibitions, and also in fairs and other contemporary jewelry events. In 2011, after years of self study and experimentation with various materials, she began the courses at Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelry, under the direction of David Sandu. Alina completed her studies in parallel at Alchimia Scuola di Gioielleria Contemporanea, where she had as teachers Daniela Boieri, Marzia Rosi, Yoko Shimizu, Ruudt Peters and Lucia Massei. Since June 2013, Alina joined Assamblage Carp, with her own resin jewelry workshop.

Izabella Patrut

Izabella Petruț


In 2007 Izabella Petrut graduated BA University of Arts and Design Cluj Napoca, Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design, specializing in design, and in 2009 graduated MA from the same university. Between 2009-2012 she participated in workshops held by David Sandu, Yoko Shimitzu and Marzia Rossi, Ruudt Peters, Fabrizio Acquafresca, Heather White, Lucia Massei and Christoph Zelwegher.

Izabella graduated in June 2012 the Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, Italy, under the guidance of Professor Ruudt Peters.

Currently Izabella is part of the Vienna Stoss im Himmel, where she works as an individual jewelry designer.

Valentina Buzamurga

Valentina Buzamurga

PR Manager

Valentina graduated from the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations Master SNSPA and is currently studying at the Center of Excellence in Image Studies, specializing in organizing events and promoting cultural and artistic activities.

She began working at Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelry in 2011.


Contemporary Jewelry Fair

Project A is a biannual event dedicated exclusively to graduates of Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelry, held in art galleries and cultural exhibition in Bucharest.

For more details you can write us at

Proiect AmprentaAMPRENTA

Workshops for kids

The creativity and aesthetic sense of the children are often surprising. Curious and bold in expressing themselves, their creations are full with originality and innovation. The special workshops organized by Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelry are dedicated to the small artists eager to know the universe around them. These courses will provide them with the possibility to witness a different experience from their usual horizon of knowledge.

For more details, you can visit the official page AMPRENTA or you can write us at

Magazin Scule BijutierAssamblage Jewelry Tools

Materials and work tools

Assamblage Jewelry Tools is the tools store of Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelery. The purpose of this project is to assist the school's graduates in starting their own workspace and to facilitate their access to different materials and work tools.

From hand tools to power tools and machinery, accessories and profiles, the store offers both separate products, and also jewelry kits with which you can start working in your own studio.

More information on the website



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*Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelry is a private institution, which is based on a commercial company. Courses currently offered are not accredited or in any way regulated by university education or continuing education. The courses are completed with a certificate of graduation of a private course, which can be used in the establishment of legal forms such as PFA, SRL or SA having the object of activity the production of jewelry, as well as obtaining permits for buying, processing and selling of metals and precious stones.