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Assamblage Contemporary Jewelry School

The transition from mere curiosity for the art of jewelry to practicing it at a professional level is a process that requires constant practice and continuous learning. Assamblage Contemporary Jewelry School offers complementary modular courses that meet the diverse needs and interests of the students; from introductory courses for those with no previous experience in working with metal and gems, to themed workshops targeting specific jewelry techniques.

Jewelry Courses

Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelry offers a wide range of courses and workshops, from introductory courses to themed workshops dedicated to specific jewelry techniques. All courses and workshops are intensive and concentrate class time into blocks of full days (from 2 weeks to 2-3 days) and can be followed independently of each other.

Assamblage Projects

We are actively involved in educational projects in order to promote the art of jewelry to the general public; an art that requires not only solid technical skills, but also a culture's sens of beauty, shape and proportions. The artist's vision must be transposed into the final jewelry piece, by acquiring a thorough technical knowledge, learned from artisans with many years of experience.

Jewelry Workspace

Whatever type of jewelry you want to create, whether you are a newcomer or a veteran with many years of experience as a jeweler, the tools you use will affect the quality of your creations. We offer a wide range of jewelry tools and we assist school's graduates in starting their own workshop.

Assamblage News